Top road hazards to avoid on the roads in the Edwardsville, IL area

Avoid these road hazards when you drive in Edwardsville IL

watch for road hazards in edwardsville ilWhen we drive, road hazards are all around us, which makes the roadways a dangerous place to be. However, you don’t have to worry about these things if you’re an attentive driver that stays aware of what’s going on. While that won’t save you from needed roadside assistance, it can help you avoid many of the road hazards and dangers that exist on the roadways in the Edwardsville, IL area. Take a look at the following list of the top roadside dangers and what you can do to prevent falling victim to them when you’re behind the wheel!


Potholes may be enemy #1 when it comes to roadside problems. Not only will they cause a nasty bump, but they can also cause serious damage to tires, brakes, steering, suspension and other components of your vehicle. Keep your eyes out, remember where they are, slow down and carefully maneuver to avoid any problems. Don’t forget to report potholes to your municipality to request repairs.

construction sites can have many road hazards in edwardsville ilConstruction

Doesn’t it seem like there’s always construction at certain parts of the road? Construction is everywhere on our roadways, and it’s important for drivers to take extra precautions in areas where workers are present. In addition to the damage to your vehicle, accidents and problems within work zones could cost you deeply.

Nails & Screws

When you get a flat tire, there’s a good chance it’s because of a nail or screw that was picked up somewhere along the roadway. There’s no way to know where they’re at or when they’re going to ruin your day. Here, the best offense is a good defense – make sure your insurance policy includes roadside assistance or join an organization like AAA.

Road Kill

While morbid, you must look out for roadkill when driving, especially when you’re on rural roadways. Regardless of the size of the animal, the surprise of the animal may cause you to swerve, slam on brakes or take other evasive action that may cause you problems.

Live Animals

In addition to roadkill, live animals can also be a hazard while you’re driving. In this area, you mostly have to worry about deer crossing the road just as you’re driving past. However, in rural areas, you may also notice late-night crossings of skunks, possums, raccoons, and other animals.

Miscellaneous Debris

You never know what will end up on the road in front of you. That’s why it’s vital that you always adhere to the rules of the road and maintain the characteristics of an attentive driver.

Most common towing emergencies in the Granite City, IL area

Here are the most common reasons that people call towing professionals

We all love the privilege of driving – it gives us our freedom, our ability to go wherever and do as we please. However, driving isn’t all sunshine and lollipops – there are many things that can go wrong when you’re on the road. While paying attention to other drivers and obeying the rules of the road will keep you out of trouble, for the most part, there is still the potential that you’ll end up stranded on the side of the road. When that happens, it’s smart to call a local towing company that you can trust for a fast response, honest service, and affordable rates. Here are the top reasons that people call for tow trucks in the Granite City, IL area!

towing service and fuel delivery

Gas Delivery

It’s embarrassing, but it’s not uncommon – you’ve forgotten to get gas, and now you’re slowly pulling over to the side of the road. If you’re within walking distance of a gas station, that’s your best option. However, when you’re 100 miles from anything, you’ll need to call a tow company. Some companies may deliver fuel, and some may offer to tow you to a station. Be sure you know what service you’re getting and what it’s going to cost before you agree to anything.

car lockouts and towing service

Car Lockouts

It can get worse than running out of fuel. Have you ever locked your keys in your car? You probably don’t know how it happened, but now, here you sit, faced pressed against the glass with a look of disbelief all over your face. Luckily, tow trucks can help you get that door unlocked and get you on your way. However, if you’re in a town or city, you may want to try the local non-emergency number for the police. Many police forces will send an officer to help you get the door open.

towing and roadside assistance for flat tires

Flat Tires

When a tire goes flat, it can ruin your entire day. However, one quick call to your local towing professional could have you fixed up and on your way in no time. There’s a variety of things that a towing professional can help you do including patching the tire and helping you switch out the tire with a spare. If neither is an option, you can always be towed to a local tire shop.

towing service after auto accidents


Unfortunately, major accidents happen, causing severe damage that renders your vehicle unsafe to drive. If you’re lucky enough to walk away from the accident, you probably won’t be lucky enough to drive your car again. Call a local tow company for wreck removal service – they can take you to the repair shop of your choosing or store the vehicle until you’ve worked things out with the insurance company.

towing and roadside service for dead battery

Dead Battery

If your vehicle is already running, your battery probably won’t die while you’re driving. However, if your vehicle has been sitting in a parking lot, your battery could lose power due to leaving lights on, a decrease in outdoor temperature, or just plain age. Some towing companies will offer to change out your battery, and some may want to tow you to an auto parts store. Make sure you know what service you’re getting!

professional towing service

Other Auto Issues

Unfortunately, the roadways are an unpredictable place. Other than what’s listed here, there’s still a lot of things that could cause you to call a tow truck. The best advice is to call a company that you can trust to get you back on the road fast!

Safety tips for roadside emergencies in the Maryville, IL area

Follow these tips to stay safe during roadside emergencies

Every day, thousands of people encounter problems on the road that leaves them stranded and unable to get to their destination. When this happens, it’s important to receive fast help that will get you on your way. Unfortunately, many people find themselves in a roadside emergency for the first time, which causes them to react in a panic. In these situations, it’s important to stay calm and collected to ensure you’re making good decisions that will help get you off of the side of the road. At B & K Towing, we deal with these issues on a daily basis, and we offer these safety tips for roadside emergencies.

Pull Over

roadside assistance maryville il

Whether it’s smoke from under the hood, your check engine light or a strange hissing noise, the first thing you need to do is pull your car safely to the side of the road or a nearby parking lot. Pull your vehicle as far away from traffic as you can to minimize the chance that you’ll be impacted by an oncoming vehicle or that you’ll block traffic.

Turn On Hazard Lights

hazard lights maryville il

After you pull over, you need to turn on your hazard lights (a.k.a. flashers, hazards, emergency lights.) This alerts other drivers that there is a problem and that they should proceed with caution while passing your vehicle.

Stay Inside

car breakdown maryville il

If you can’t solve the problem yourself, it’s always better to stay inside the vehicle. This will keep you from causing a distraction to other drivers and keep you safe.

Call for Help

towing maryville il

Whether you call a towing company, your insurer or someone that knows what to do, you need to get help from somewhere. Trying to solve your own roadside emergency usually doesn’t work out well.

Wait by the Car

roadside emergencies maryville il

Once you’ve called for help, it’s smart to stay inside or close by your vehicle. This ensures that whoever arrives to help will not be confused as to your location.  Additionally, roaming around a busy road on foot could be dangerous to you and other drivers. Staying in one spot ensures maximum safety for everyone while dealing with roadside situations.